Tunnel pasteurizer

Tunnel pasteurizer "TP-HRW" designed for thermal treatment of the product in the packaging, in order to increase its biological stability.

Capacity: from 500 till 60 000 bottles or cans/hour
Product: beer, kvass, juice,  wine, carbonated and non-carbonated drinks, canned food
Number of temperature zones: from 7 till 10
Method of pasteurization: shower, shower-submersible
Operating mode: automatic, semi-automatic
Heating source: steam, hot water, electricity
Dimensions depends of the capacity, the required temperature and container size. Pasteurizer is made in the form of the tunnel 
Material: stainless steel AISI 304, AISI 316L, AISI 316Ti, AISI 321
  • Whole process of pasteurization is fully automatic
  • Registration of 8 pasteurization parameters
  • Water exchange system between heating and cooling zones
  • System of opening and fixing of the upper lids allows easier access and simplifies the cleaning
  • Active container feeding system
  • Overload protection system
  • System of collection and return of condensate
  • Effective and an independent spraying system in each zone
  • Automatic monitoring and adjustment of PU
  • Alarm system
  • Creation of “recipes” for various products and  containers formats 
  • Remote access via modem and the data transfer (profibus, internet, etc.)

Tunnel pasteurizers could be equipped with additional systems according to the customer request.

HERMIS company uses only high-quality materials and components manufactured in the European Union and meet all quality requirements:
  • Gear reducers LENZE, SEW-EURODRIVE
  • Steam valves BURKERT, SAMSON
  • The temperature register ENDRESS+HAUSER
  • Heat exchangers FUNKE, KELVION
  • Active bottles transfer system REXNORD
  • Electrical control system SIEMENS, MOELLER, OMRON
  • Automatic control system SIEMENS
  • Plastic modular belt REXNORD, MOVEX or stainless steel conveyor belt HERMIS, TWENTEBELT
  • Air supply system SMC, FESTO
  • Spray nozzles LECHLER

HERMIS provides tunnel pasteurizers with the following models and parameters:

  • Reversible tunnel pasteurizer "TP-HRW-R" for small beverage plants from 500 bph - 4000 bph
  • Tunnel pasteurizer "TP-HRW 5" for small beverage plants from 800 bph - 6000 bph
  • Tunnel pasteurizer "TP-HRW 10/15" for middle beverage plants from 5000 bph - 15000 bph
  • Tunnel pasteurizer "TP-HRW 20/60" for large beverage plants from 15000 bph - 60000 bph
  • Double deck tunnel pasteurizer "TP-HRW-D" for large beverage plants from 24000 - 60000 bph
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