Rinser is designed for rinsing the inner surface of containers in order to remove foreign particles before bottling process. Rinsing is performed with hot or cold water, hygienic or a special disinfectant or sterile air blowing. This equipment is used in the production of beer, spirits, mineral water and soft drinks, milk and other products.

Depending on the customer requirements, we can offer the following types of rinsers:

  • single-stage and two-stage (and more);
  • automated or semi-automated;

The design of the equipment and the amount of rinsing heads depends on the technical requirements of the customer. Rinser is made of materials meeting all EU standards and requirements of the food industry.


  • feeding the upside-down container
  • feeding disinfectant solution
  • rinsing the inner surfaces of containers with a disinfectant solution subsequent placing of containers on hot water diffuser
  • rinsing the internal surfaces of containers by means of nozzles
  • draining the rinse liquid
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