Capping machine

Capping machine is designed for capping glass and PET bottles. Capping is applied after bottling. Filled with beverage PET bottle is capped with a plastic cap; one-component or two-component screw plugs, trigger-pump and pump-dispensers can be used. A glass bottle is capped with different caps, including screw ones. Upon customer request, capping can be made for caps of different configuration.

HERMIS offers automatic and semi-automatic capping machines:

  • In operation of the automatic capping machine, a bottle neck is synchronized with aligner, and then a cap is put on a bottle. Further, the rotating head with magnetic coupling or special rollers performs tightening of the cap.
  • In operation of the semi-automatic capping machine, an operator him/herself sets a bottle with a cap put on in advance under the capping head. Then the capping runs in the same mode as in the process of automatic capping.

All the details and mechanisms of the capping equipment are made of stainless steel and meet all requirements of the food industry.

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