Tunnel heater is designed for heating sealed beverages to the ambient temperature (+20; + 25ºC) for subsequent successful labeling.

  • Performance: from 2.000 to 24.000 bottles / hour.
  • Product: champagne and other beverages dispensed at low temperatures;
  • Heat source: steam, electricity, hot water;
  • Heating method: the bottle, passing through the tunnel, is gradually heated in a heating zones at different temperatures. Heating is produced by spraying water onto the container through the nozzles.
  • Equipment dimensions depend on the performance and the required temperature mode. The heater is made in the form of tunnel.

Tunnel heaters are divided by the level of automation:

  • Processor-based control system Siemens S7;
  • Automatic temperature control;
  • Automatic shutdown in emergency situations;
  • Color touch screen control panel;
  • Ability to memorize and configure previously set parameters;
  • Ability of data communication and remote access via modem.
  • Options are possible:
    • Monitoring of valve positions;
    • Temperature recorder.
  • PLC based control system Siemens Logo;
  • Automatic temperature maintenance;
  • Changing the speed using a frequency converter;
  • Manual switching valves;
  • Options are possible:
    • Temperature recorder.

  • Stainless steel produced in Sweden, Germany, Italy;
  • Electric actuators – LENZE (Germany), by option – SEW (Germany);
  • Pumps – LOWARA (Italy), by option – GRUNDFOS (Germany), PACKO (Belgium);
  • Heat exchangers – FUNKE (Germany), by option – SCHMIDT (Germany);
  • Control and shut-off valves – BURKERT (Germany), by option – SAMSON (Germany);
  • Condensate catchers – MIYAWAKI (Japan), by option – SPIRAX SARCO (England)
  • Shut-off valves – SODIME (France), by option – KIESELMANN (Germany);
  • Modular belts and conveyor parts – MOVEX (Italy), by option – REXNORD (Netherlands);
  • Nozzles – LECHLER (Germany);
  • Details for pneumatics – NORGREN, FESTO (Germany);
  • Sensors of temperature, level – ANDERSON-NEGELE (Germany), by option – Endress+Hauser (Germany);
  • Parameter registration – Endress+Hauser (Germany).