Flow pasteurizer is designed for pasteurizing beverages by their rapid heating to a predetermined temperature, holding for a predetermined time and then cooling. Thermal process reduces the number of microorganisms and as a result increases the shelf life.

  • Output is from 1.000 to 30.000 l/h;
  • Products: beer, brew, wine, juices, milk, sugar syrup, carbonated and juice containing drinks;
  • Temperature modes: depending on the product;
  • Heat source: steam; electricity; hot water;
  • Cooling source: water; propylene glycol, alcohol solution, saline solution.
  • Heating and sterilizing on water
  • Start of pasteurization mode and transition to product
  • Pasteurization of product
  • End of pasteurization
  • Cleaning of pasteurizer

Pasteurizers are divided by the level of automation:

  • The control system is based on processor Siemens S7
  • Automatic temperature control
  • The automatic control system of output, pressure and pasteurisation units;
  • Temperature recorder
  • Automatic shutdown in emergency situations
  • Colour touch panel
  • Ability to store and configure the previously defined parameters
  • Ability to transmit data and remote access via modem.
  • The optional addition is possible:
    • Control of valves positions
  • The control system is based on PLC Siemens Logo
  • Automatic maintenance of pasteurization temperature
  • Manual valves switching
  • Flowmeter and frequency converter of product pump to control the output
  • Pressure relay
  • Pressure increase protection system
  • The optional addition is possible:
  • Output monitoring and maintaining
    • Flowmeter
    • Temperature recorder
  • three-section plate heat exchanger “SCHMIDT” Germany; Alfa Laval (Germany)
  • tubular holder (AISI 316);
  • multistage high-pressure pump “PACKO” (Belgium), Hilge (Germany);
  • plate heat exchanger “FUNKE”, Germany;
  • hot water circulation pump “LOWARA”, Italy;
  • valves for steam “BURKERT”, Germany; Samson (Germany);
  • steam trap “MIYAWAKI”, Japan; Spirax Sarco (Great Britain);
  • control instrumentation Endress+Hauser, “ANDERSON NEGELE”, Germany;
  • control cabinet with automatic adjustment and control system of the process of pasteurization “Siemens”, Germany;
  • colour panel Touch Screen “Siemens”, Germany;
  • frames (AISI 304);
  • pipeline accessories (AISI 316);
  • pneumatic valve “SODIME”, France; Kisselmann (Germany);
  • control valve for refrigerant “BURKERT” (Germany), Samson (Germany);
  • pneumatics elements Festo (Germany), Norgren (Germany).

Pasteurizers can be equipped with:

  • buffer tank
  • pump for cleaning solutions return from the buffer tank
  • pump for the coolant line (optional)